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Video presentation is becoming a more integral part of any venue along with today's worship services being more of a production.   The basic functions most churches want a presentation system to do is display the lyrics for their music and provide additional notes to the pastor's sermon.  However the function is only limited by the imagination of your worship team!  Consider displaying welcome messages and upcoming events before and after service. Videos created by church members advertising upcoming events and video greeting cards from overseas missionaries are a great additions to services.  When the time comes to purchase a video system there are many other factors to consider besides how big the screen needs to be.  There are factors such as ambient light, aspect ratio, signal type, and mounting location just to name a few.  Associated Data & Telecommunications has the engineering expertise to consider these factors and to furnish and install a video presentation system that will meet all of your needs.  


If you already have a video presentation system, have you considered adding additional displays in a lobby or overflow area where people are gathering before and after an event?  Flat screen displays come in a wide variety of sizes and our custom mounts make mounting them possible in just about any location your desire.  Call us today to schedule your on-site consultation.  

Customer Review


“Immanuel UCC selected Endy Technologies to install our sanctuary video system from five service providers in a competitive bidding process which included design and price. Of critical importance to the church was to retain the award winning interior design and character of the sanctuary. The final installation could not be obtrusive. Dave and his team provided a professional installation and exceeded my expectations in craftsmanship and quality. The system works as designed and expected. Our project team and ministerial staff were very pleased with the final installation. I recommend Endy Technologies if you are looking for a quality professional installation and service.”



Immanuel UCC

Shillington, PA