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Digital surveillance continues to develop with technological advances, as well as, software management advances. These ever changing developments help increase the abilities for the monitoring of behavior, activities and other valuable information gathering for the purpose of inventory control, protecting the public, minimizing insurance claims, criminal investigation, prosecution, live incident management and crises prevention.


The surveillance systems that Associated Data & Telecommunications sell and support are ready for any application. From the factory floor to viewing controls and gages, to the local high schools and churches securing a safe sanctuary environment for our children.


These systems provide an enhance capability for local and remote monitoring and recording. Our systems stand up to the competition on features, functionality, ease of use and price points to be recognized as a cost effective solution without giving up the leading edge.

Customer Review


"Endy Technologies has been a tremendous help solving our security concerns. They have found solutions in a cost-effective way while providing excellent service and products. Whenever we have an issue they are there to solve it and provide answers. As we look to expand are security system we will definitely seek out Endy Technologies to expand our system."

-Dennis Wrentzel

Berkshire Estates