Structured Cabling is the certified and documented way to keep track of your network. Jacks that are not labeled, patch panels without marking, a wiring mess in the closet, can all lead to valuable time being lost during a network problem. With the constant changes in technology, the IT Department constantly needs to keep up with moves and changes as well as transport speeds and delivery methods. Endy Technologies, Inc. can offer a full range of options from Wired to Wireless, Copper to Fiber, VOIP interface. Whether your looking to add 1 computer to your existing network or a 100 drop network to a new building, we are available to provide free estimates and layout a cable plant suitable for the requirements.


Within the commercial environment, Endy Technologies, Inc. can provide Access Point connectivity, POS networking, VOIP wiring for phone and computer interfaces, as well as a Fiber backbone for a campus network.