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Share your events with anyone, anywhere!

We here at Associated Data & Telecommunications are excited to share our newest service with you: Streaming!

Why do we need this?

Streaming presents your business with the opportunity to share your events with virtually anyone as well as giving you the capability to archive them. This offers you flexibility and reachability so you can reach people all over the world and can use your content in a number of ways and formats.


With streaming you can:

  • Reach a larger audience

  • Remedy space problems

  • Save video and/or audio in your archives

  • and much more...

Who can utilize streaming? 


So who can take advantage of this service? Streaming can be a powerful tool for a number of industries, businesses, and non-profits. For example: a church can stream a service to another source if their sanctuary is at full capacity. A library can stream a seminar or reading on the for those who are home bound or even archive it for later use. A funeral home may want to offer streaming as an option for someone with family members who live far away. Schools  can broadcast plays, recitals, and graduations to parents and family members who live far away or are serving overseas. These are just a few of the many solutions streaming provides.


How does it work?


So how does it work? After establishing the engagement, providing installation, and providing training. We will set you up with a streaming service who, for an affordable subscription fee, will broadcast an unlimited number of optimized streams to whatever platforms you desired and will provide you with the ability to embed your video on any website. From then on it's easy for you and your team to stream whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you wan, to whomever you want. However, we acknowledge that technology isn't always perfect and can be confusing, so we promise to continue to provide you with any and all support you may need.


What does it include?


As this is exciting, we understand this is a little overwhelming. You may be still be wondering what exactly we're offering. Here it is, outlined in the most basic way possible in black and white.


Here's the process and what our experts have to offer you when it comes to streaming in the easiest, most professional, stress free way possible:

  • We have a team of experts who work with you to determine what your needs are and which one of our three packages is the best, most cost effective solution.

  • We test your network to ensure it has the appropriate capabilities to support streaming and fully assist you with any necessary network upgrades.

  • We purchase, install, and connect your cameras, microphones, and any other streaming related equipment.

  • We connect you with a service that lets you embed your stream on your website, connects it to any platform, makes it viewable on any device, lets you save it for later, allows you to separate audio from video if you choose, and provides you with real-time analytics.

  • We provide you and your team with comprehensive training so you can maximize all of your new streaming tools.

  • We provide you with full and continuous support after you begin utilizing your new streaming system. 



Hopefully we've caught your attention... If streaming  seems like something your organization might be interested in, please feel free to contact us for more information or with any questions!