Sound reinforcement systems are found in almost all the places we go today.  Whether they are used for background music along with paging announcements, amplifying the music and message in a church or a multi-use facility such as a school auditorium or gymnasium, a quality sound reinforcement system is essential element to enhance the functionality and flexibility of your facility.  Endy Technologies can design a complete system upgrade for your facility or add additional components to your existing system.  Call us today to schedule an on-site consultation.


Digital mixing consoles are quickly revolutionizing the live sound performances by enhancing all mixing aspects of installed sound systems.  If your venue has thought about the purchase of a digital console but has put it off due to concerns about the learning curve or the expense of the console itself, do not delay any longer. With a considerable price drop in digital consoles, Digital is now a viable option within your cost conscience project.  Endy Technologies has the staff expertise to install and train users as to the many ways a digital console can improve your audio mixing. With preset programming to match multiple uses, recalling of the various functions of your venue can be set with ease of a button. Perhaps you want to add more mix channels but don't have the footprint for a 48-input mixing console or the conduit space for a multi-pair snake.  Consider a digital console with a remote input box.  These devices add mix channels to the console through a digital snake rather than a multi-pair analog snake, adding capabilities within the same physical space.   

Customer Review

"After serving in churches in the deep south, the Midwest and now in Pennsylvania, I have had several different businesses help with the challenges of video and sound systems. It was always a challenge that was hard to get good answers to...until I met Dave.  Between Dave and Corey they answered questions, gave us options, answered more questions and put together the audio and the video things this church needed and set things up in the most user-friendly end result I've ever seen. The new sound system made our recording of services and the mixing of mics smooth and simple. The projector and screen they mounted for us have made it simple for us to make good use of tools for video in worship without detracting from worshiping our Lord. If anyone were to ask me if I were to recommend you, I wouldn't take a deep breath before I said "YES!""


-Dr. Larry Doughan

St. John's Reformed Church

Friedensburg, PA